Human Resources Policy

Ölgerðin´s vision is to be the first choice of customers and consumers. The key to that vision lies in the company´s human resources, whose positive, reliable, efficient and progressive approach is the guiding principle.

The human resource policy aims that all decisions made regarding the relations between Ölgerðin and employees, create´ s preconditions for Ölgerðin´s vision to become effective so the future vision of the company can become reality.

Ölgerðin´ s human resources policy goal is to promote employee satisfaction and that Ölgerðin has qualified, well-educated and motivated employees who together create an ambitious and positive working environment.

Qualified and satisfy employees is the foundation of a successful company. Ölgerðin employees are therefore one of the company´s main resources, and the human resources policy involves being strategic and supportive of Ölgerðin´s value and contributing to the company's competitiveness.

We emphasize that Ölgerðin´s employees live the company’s value and we provide the basis so it may be. We do so with a strong human resource department that contributes, among other things, to:

  • professional practices in recruitment and newcomers/recruits reception
  • focusing on education (training?) and career development
  • provide save working environment and consider (pay attention to?) health and employee´s facilities
  • up to date information flow
  • constant improvement and progressiveness
  • professional counseling and support to managers
  • conduct regular surveys, analyzes and measurements
  • professional performance management

In this way, we create a desirable workplace and strong team spirit that reaches Ölgerðin´s goals, which benefit our customers, society, employees and shareholders.