Our exports

Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrimsson is one of the largest and oldest producers of beer and soft drinks in Iceland. Our mission is to be the best at what we do and our export business is an important part of that strategy.

We have won numerous international awards for our beers. These include Gull being named "World's Best Standard Lager″ at the World Beer Awards 2011, and our Brio beer winning gold at the prestigious 2012 World Beer Cup for best German-style Pilsner.

Our current export business is focused on beer, Brennivin and soft drinks. Our main strategic partners are in Europe and North America. Ölgerðin also operates as the bottler for Pepsico and Iceland Spring (water) among others.

In every market that we enter we seek out distributors and partners who have employ long-term thinking and strategies.


Borg brugghús


Borg Brugghús is a progressive craft brewery founded in 2010 whose principal aim is to incorporate Icelandic cultural traits and local ingredients to its wide variety of beers and pair with food. Borg Brugghús has already received numerous awards at some of the world‘s most noted and influential competitions.


To know more go to Borg Brugghús website.


A worlds class production


  • A canning line for 50cl and 33cl cans
  • Maximum output: 15.000 cans pr hour
  • A filling line for 0,5L, 1.0L and 2.0L PET
  • Maximum output: 22.000 bottle pr hour
  • Market share 51% in 2012


Attention to quality


  • State of the art Quality Control Systems
    • Based on PepsiCo and Tuborg QCS
  • Full monitoring from raw materials to to finished product
    • Both at central and satellite laboratories


For additional information about our export business and opportunities, please send your enquiries to: 


export at olgerdin.is

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