The leading supplier to the Icelandic retail sector

Selecting the best

Ölgerðin is both a highly developed and progressive manufacturing company, and a determined sales and marketing organisation. We are in partnership with leading global suppliers.  All of our suppliers have one thing in common - they are leaders in their fields, or they have the potential to become the best.

100 Years of experience

Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson was established in April 1913 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The first products were beers, but the company soon gained a reputation as the producer of a range of high-quality drinks. The business has expanded gradually over the years, and today the company also imports, markets and distributes foods and drinks alongside Ölgerðin’s own products.

A comprehensive distribution network

A partnership with Ölgerðin ensures easy access to the Icelandic market. We have been a trusted company since 1913. We are a market-driven company that prioritise efficiency.  -Through improved efficiency, we can offer better prices that benefit both retailers and consumers in Iceland.

Our comprehensive distribution network reaches every corner of the country -and we can easily respond to consumer wishes in an instant. Ölgerðin is the largest supplier in the retail, FMCG, HORECA and monopoly sectors in Iceland, and we have a presence in almost every product category in the country´s leading outlets.

Our new warehouse is one of the most efficient in Iceland

The Ölgerðin warehouse is fitted with the best possible equipment for handling food products. We embrace innovations as soon as they emerge, and we implement the latest technology in everything we do.

Marketing leaders with extensive knowledge of the Icelandic business environment

The vision and professionalism of our marketing operation guarantees Ölgerðin's customer and suppliers the best possible service. We have a wide-ranging knowledge of the Icelandic business environment and we use market analyses to monitor every fluctuation in the markets. We aim to be leaders in the field of quality management, distribution, marketing and promotional work.

Giving each brand our undivided attention

At Ölgerðin brand managers have complete control of their brands. They communicate personally with suppliers and keep in close contact with retailers.  This ensures that each brand receives our undivided attention, from the manufacturer to the consumer. Every organisation and individual in the process enjoys a first-class service.

Corporate social responsibility

Ölgerðin has worked hard over the past two years to set a clear strategy for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Through this work it became clear that our most important touchstones are the community, the natural environment, the market, and the firm itself. We asked a diverse group of staff members to list a selection of measurable goals and in celebration of 100 years of Ölgerðin, we decided to initiate 100 CSR projects.  

Learn more about our CSR project here: 

Looking to the future with high expectations

We follow consumer trends closely, and we are currently extending our range of wellness products. As our vision statement says:- we develop and sell products that are better for the consumer

Quicker and better - Values, Mission and Vision 

Our Vision – To be the first choice for customers and consumers

Our Mission – To be the best sales and marketing company in food, drinks and speciality products in Iceland. To achieve this, we continue to search for ways to improve our business and increase productivity. We market only the best products in each field, or the ones with the potential to become category leaders. Every customer and supplier receives our full attention. We do this for the benefit of our clients, consumers, employees and shareholders.

Our Values – Positivity, reliability, efficiency and progressiveness.