About us

Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson is the largest beverage producer in Iceland. Ölgerðin produces, imports, distributes and sells beverages and food products throughout Iceland. The company focuses on ensuring that its goods are of the highest quality and that customers can rely on such quality. Only products that have the potential to be leading products in their category are marketed, and each and every supplier is treated as though he were the only one. We continuously seek new means of strengthening our operations and seeking better productivity by making our operations better and quicker than others. This is done to benefit our customers, consumers, employees and owners.

Ölgerðin operates three sales and marketing fields: alcohol-free beverages, alcoholic beverages and Corporate Services and Danól.



Alcohol-free beverages

Ölgerðin is Iceland’s largest beverage producer and owns many of the oldest and best-known brands in Iceland, such as Egils Appelsín and Egils Malt, the latter of which has been produced since 1913. In addition, Ölgerðin has been licensed to produce and sell the products under the well-known brands of the companies Carlsberg Group and Pepsico.




Alcoholic beverages


Ölgerðin is the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Iceland and owns many of the best-known brands in the country such as Gull, Boli, Brennivín and others. Together with its own brands, Ölgerðin produces brands by permission from Carlsberg Group in Denmark, e.g. Carlsberg, Tuborg Classic, Tuborg Grön, Tuborg Julebryg and more. Ölgerðin is also one of the largest importer of wines, strong spirits and alcopops. We place great importance on only importing high-quality brands and goods in these categories as in other categories.




Corporate Services

Ölgerðin Corporate Services specialises in comprehensive beverage and snack solutions for Icelandic companies. Corporate Services offer a wide range of products, and as a result, the customer need not seek services elsewhere to provide its staff and guests with refreshments on a busy day. Corporate Services offer a wide range of hot and cold beverages together with high-quality equipment, such as coffee machines, coolers and self-service stations, either rented or lent to customers.






Ölgerðin owns the subsidiary Danól, which sells food products and speciality goods of various types. Further information on Danól may be found on its website danol.is.


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