Sustainability at Ölgerðin

Ölgerðin places great importance on sustainability and works tirelessly to ensure the adoption of sustainability within the company culture. In order to achieve its future vision of being the first choice among customers and consumers, attention must be paid to sustainability throughout the value chain. Our customers and consumers demand to do business with companies that encourage sustainability and companies that employ and maintain more competent employees. We should be a leader among Icelandic companies in the field of sustainability and meet the modern needs of our customers and consumers without detracting from the possibility of future generations to meet their needs. The company’s future vision will be achieved by focusing on four aspects: sustainability, growth, electronic development and diversity. This will allow us to create value for all our stakeholders and value creation for the future.

Sustainability report

Here is Ölgerðin's sustainability report. 

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Here you can find Ölgerðin's ESG reports. (Icelandic version)

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Life cycle analysis of packaging

Here you will find a life cycle analysis for Ölgerðin's packaging. (Icelandic version)

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