Values and goals

Four values define our conduct and decisions








We see the positive side of changes and enjoy our work.
We work as a team, and everyone contributes to achieve the goals of the company.




Customers and partners can trust us.
The quality of products and services is first-rate.




We are continuously working on improvements to processes and operations.
We always seek the most cost-effective means in purchasing, investments and operations.




We intend to be at all times a step ahead in our services, innovations and range of goods.
We are quick to make decisions and ensure that we act on them.
We are not afraid to take risks and make mistakes and learn from them.


Ölgerðin's policy


The importance and priorities of these operations are reflected in the company’s policy pyramid. The future vision of Ölgerðin to be customers’ and consumers’ first choice. To realise this vision, continuous improvements must be made to meet the needs of a growing number of customers.


We continuously seek new means of strengthening our operations and to seek better productivity by making our operations quicker and better than others. This is done to benefit our customers, consumers, employees and owners.


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